XV0750 Mini Air Compressor
Professional light weight air compressor with an easily adjustable pressure regulator, one airbrush connector. (which can be expanded till two connectors). Incl. Airbrushholder.

XV0760 Focus Airbrush
Professional high quality airbrush, 0.2 mm needle.

AB0132 Cleaning Liquid 250 ml
Special airbrush cleaning liquid based on isopropyl alcohol.

XV0711 Xtreme Air Body Colors 60 ml
A wide range of liquid airbrush body colours. Of course black and white and the primary colours. But also colours like gold and silver.

XV0710 Xtreme Air Foundation 20 ml
XV0713 Xtreme Air Foundation 60 ml

A wide range of liquid, water based foundations. Specially developed for the airbrush.

XV0712 Xtreme Air Blusher 20 ml
4 liquid blushers, which can be mixed easily with the foundations.